About NUSCO 

National Utility Service Company

NUSCO which has its head offices located in Western Cape operates throughout South Africa. We offer a wealth of experience and pride ourselves in our client relations. We are very diversified in our services and seek to provide each client with the best solution perfectly tailored to their need. Consists of a dynamic team of different individuals always willing to help.


We believe in top–class service and client relations therefore we strive to resolve queries within 24hrs. We treat each building as our own and strive to work with Owners, managers, and customers to ensure everyone receives the best service. We offer SMART metering, Prepaid meter, and Manual meter reading services, and always search for the best solution to your problem.


NUSCO also delivers real-time management of utility equipment, tariffs, consumption, and behavior to ensure accuracy and anticipation of optimal utility applications.


We do not want to be the biggest but the preferred service provider and have a strong relationship with our customers.

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